How to fund your EMC cloud deployment

Digital transformation programs, Big Data and the emergence of IoT are all forcing businesses to increase IT capacity at an ever faster rate. Local constraints – budget, headcount, data center space – make local expansion too expensive to consider.

Cloud platforms offer a sensible medium, allowing unrestricted growth whenever your business needs. The problem is that the best fit for most businesses is a hybrid cloud, marrying local resources with those provided by a third party like EMC’s Virtustream to offer improved privacy management and data sovereignty.

Even if your business operates a homogenous EMC environment, adopting hybrid cloud requires investment in on-site infrastructure. For maximum compatibility between on- and off-site systems, EMC strongly recommend the use of their VxRack System 1000, or their Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution that unites best-of-breed technologies from EMC, VCE and VMware to simplify deployment.

Although the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud platform can be deployed in as little as 28 days, it still requires significant capital investment – both to buy and maintain.

The cloud costs paradox

According to the ESG Research Report ‘2015 IT Spending Intentions Survey’ cloud services have become the second most important method for controlling IT costs. But in order to get the hybrid cloud set-up your business needs, you also need to spend more – at least in the early stages of the project.

EMC’s Federation Enterprise Cloud Solution may be the perfect platform for your new cost-control strategy – but first you need to find the additional budget to pay for it.

When old pays for new

One of the most effective ways to fund the purchase of new EMC hardware is to extend the lifespan of your existing storage assets. Simply choosing to extend the lifespan of your existing assets by a further three to five years beyond official End of Service Life (EoSL).

Obviously breaking from the OEM defined upgrade plan gives your business additional flexibility in your move to the cloud. More importantly still, it helps to free up cash that will help fund the move – particularly when you partner with CDS to provide service and maintenance for your post warranty EMC storage.

We can help you afford the purchase of your new EMC Federation Enterprise Cloud Solution by:

  • Maximizing the use of existing assets to increase the return on investment for each.
  • Providing OEM-quality proactive support and maintenance for your post warranty equipment.
  • Helping you extract even more value from older systems with cost-effective upgrades to extend capacity without investing in additional systems to plug the gap.

In fact, CDS maintenance contract are typically 40 percent to 70 percent less than your existing agreement with EMC, so the savings quickly mount up. And EMC can even provide support for your in-warranty hardware assets, allowing you to further reduce running costs.

And every dollar saved, is another that can be put towards your hybrid cloud project.

To learn more about how CDS can help you free up cash for re-investment in an EMC hybrid cloud solution, please get in touch.