Who is monitoring your monitoring?

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Posted on Friday, October 18, 2019

Modern storage arrays are complemented by an extensive array of monitoring software. These applications provide instant alerts in the event of component failure or other events. 

The server management team will have a protocol for responding to high priority alerts, with remedial work beginning almost instantly. But in a busy data center system events are given a lower priority – and they may never be investigated.

Creating the conditions for failure

System events may not need immediate attention, but they are an important indicator that there is an issue which requires further investigation. In fact, events often provide an early warning of imminent failure, allowing you to take action before a failure occurs.

In an ideal world your engineers would have sufficient time and resources to closely monitor every event. But shifting business priorities mean that new development projects may draw attention away from the day-to-day running of existing systems.

Proactive event monitoring to reduce failure rates

As availability targets reach 99.999% or more, your infrastructure team is expected to do everything possible to prevent downtime. And if your storage arrays provide advance warning of problems, you must take action to maintain up time.

One solution is to outsource storage maintenance and monitoring to a capable third party. Here at CDS our engineers proactively monitor customer systems, to identify potential problems as early as possible.

We also offer advanced remote heartbeat monitoring services for Dell EMC VMAX3 users with our unique RAYTRIX ESS system.

We can then arrange for replacement parts to be fitted before the system fails for instance. And we can remotely reconfigure storage to maintain performance and availability in the meantime.

Our proactive maintenance services ensure no opportunity to boost availability is missed. By taking over the unsexy job of monitoring and actioning events your storage continues to perform – and your engineers can focus on other strategic projects.

Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help monitor your monitoring systems.


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