Maintenance Provisions For When Your Storage Migration Project Is Delayed

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Posted on Friday, September 13, 2019

Depending on your environment, storage migration projects can be extremely complex, particularly when moving between vendors and platforms. Unfortunately, this means that delays are not uncommon, adding to the project timeline, increasing costs and the time to ROI on your latest hardware.

But where the migration takes place toward the end of service life (EOSL) of your existing storage arrays, there is an additional element of risk attached. Especially if the move is not completed before existing maintenance coverage expires.

A stark choice

When it becomes apparent that the migration is going to overrun, the CTO faces a stark choice; continue the project without coverage for the retiring hardware, or renew the existing contract with the OEM.

Because the CTO is expected to reduce risk, leaving systems unprotected is unlikely to be acceptable– especially for primary and secondary business applications. But given that the OEM will demand a full 12-month contract extension– even if the project will only overrun by a few months– the additional project cost is unlikely to be acceptable either.

But there is a third way.

Emergency interim support

The alternative is to engage a third-party storage support provider like CDS. Not only can we reduce your support and maintenance bills by 50% (or more), but our flexible contract terms allow you to ensure coverage for the duration of your project– even if it only takes a few months to complete.

And as vendor-neutral, post-warranty specialists, it doesn’t matter if your assets become EOSL during the contract period either.

CDS guarantees support, proactive maintenance and access to a full inventory of OEM-approved spares. So you can focus your attention and resources on completing the migration project without concerns about show-stopping outages and failures. 

To learn more about interim support and the CDS difference, please get in touch.

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