MSPs: How To Expand and Improve Your Service Offering

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Posted on Friday, September 20, 2019

Managed Service Providers face a significant strategic choice; focus on a single core offering or increase the range of services on offer to their clients. The single-service approach is simplest for the MSP, but it also means that clients end up managing multiple contracts to cover a broad range of needs– and that eats into any cost savings they achieve.

Expanding the range of services offered requires more skills (and people), adding to the MSP’s running costs. But for the customer, choosing a multi-discipline partner streamlines administration and costs.

The smart way to expand your services portfolio

There are ways to expand your portfolio without increasing headcount. The easiest, and most effective option is to partner with a specialist who can carry out technical activities for you.

Here at CDS, we provide white-label storage support and maintenance services for a range of firms and OEMs. MSPs rely on us to deliver high quality support services to their clients; they can expand their portfolio without increasing head count.

Our team of former OEM engineers are experts in the field of storage management and maintenance so we can always help your customers get the answers they need. We also maintain a multi-million-dollar inventory of spare parts allowing us to fix hardware failures, too. 

And thanks to our flexible contract terms and SLAs, our service neatly mirrors your own. This helps to create a consistency of service and improved customer satisfaction.

To learn more about our white label storage maintenance services and how they can help your MSP offer more to your clients, please give us a call.

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