Dell EMC Brings the Cloud Home

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Posted on Friday, September 6, 2019

After considering the many announcements from VMWorld 2019, perhaps the most exciting is Dell EMC’s all-in push towards the cloud. Having decided they can’t stop customers moving compute loads to the cloud, they have decided to bring the cloud to their customers. 

Cloud Data Center As-A-Service

Known as VMware Project Dimension, the new service is designed to offer exactly the same scalability and resilience as a public cloud service– but hosted in the customer’s own data center. And by hosting ‘the cloud’ locally, Project Dimension has the potential to solve two key technical challenges. 

1. Data privacy

Despite improvements in public cloud multi-tenancy security, some firms remain suspicious of how service providers themselves are handling client data. Wal-Mart, for example, has famously demanded that their technical partners ditch AWS.

Most firms cannot afford to build their own cloud as Dropbox did. Project Dimension is an ideal intermediate that provides the same scalability plus the added confidence that customer data is not being leaked or accessed by third parties.

2. Edge latency

The biggest hurdle to true autonomy with IoT systems is network latency. The cloud is ideal for storing and processing vast datasets, but the roundtrip time taken to query the system and provide a response is too long for real-time applications.

Placing the cloud within the corporate network dramatically reduces latency and avoids being trapped in one of the niche technology solutions being touted as a solution to the problem.

Watch this space

Dell has announced that Project Dimension is available in the US with immediate effect. It will be very interesting to monitor uptake and whether this new product is enough to slow the overall decline in storage sales.

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