CTO: How To Win Friends and Influence People (At Work)

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Posted on Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Job security requires more than just technical ability. The CTO must also be able to earn the trust of the rest of the C-suite. So how do you earn that trust?

Save them money

No matter how profitable your business is, the CFO values fiscal responsibility over almost any other factor. By reducing spend without affecting the quality of service, you are well on your way to impressing the finance team.

As you look to rationalise and streamline your operations, don’t forget to investigate alternatives. ‘No one ever got fired for buying IBM,’ but you may be able to save a considerable amount by moving server support and maintenance to a suitably experienced third-party alternative like CDS.

Improve your service

Because IT is critical to operations, your user base expects instant resolution to questions and problems. If you can deliver against the expectations of service users, you’re well on your way to building trust.

Rather than expanding your in-house team, investigate how third-party support can complement your existing skillset. You may find that moving to a non-OEM partner allows you to cut costs and response times, for instance.

Give them what they want

Service users don’t just expect a quick response to problems, they also expect more from the IT systems themselves. Expanding the range of genuinely useful services you can provide will further enhance your reputation.

Adding services in-house is not always possible with the limits of your existing IT department, however. So as you discuss provisions with external providers, always look at how their skillsets could be used to complement your own, expanding your feature set in the process.

Trust is critical

Job security is heavily reliant on trust; trust that you can do your job in such a way that the business always wins. So as you plan for the future, never forget that third-party partnerships are a great way to make yourself look good.

To learn more about how CDS’ server maintenance services can help get you started, please give us a call.

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