4 Months Until NetApp E2600 Controller Drive-Trays Go EoSL

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Posted on Friday, August 16, 2019

December 31, 2019 marks the official end of service life (EoSL) for three popular NetApp E2600 controller drive trays. Any organization operating the following devices will be unable to receive support from NetApp after that date:

  • E2612
  • E2624
  • E2660

This means that CTOs have just over four months to decide their strategy moving forward. There are three key options:

1. Upgrade quickly

The first option is to negotiate an upgrade with NetApp as quickly as possible. Your NetApp account manager will be able to recommend suitable replacement controller drive trays and co-ordinate the necessary migration work. 

There is not much time left, but you may be able to complete the upgrade before the EoSL deadline.

2. Delay upgrade

CDS can help you gain additional time to complete an upgrade by providing interim support for post-warranty E2600 systems. With short-term contracts, we can provide maintenance, support and parts for your EoSL systems between the end of your NetApp contract and the launch of your new system.

3. Cancel upgrade

The last option is to maintain the status quo. Your NetApp E2600 series are undoubtedly stable, reliable and still offering a perfectly acceptable level of service– so why would you replace them? 

CDS offers ongoing post-warranty support for NetApp E2600 systems. We can help you extend the usable lifespan of your storage assets for a further three to five years, allowing you to extract maximum value from your investment and to delay an unwanted, costly upgrade. And we carry a complete inventory of OEM-approved spares for every part, too.

To learn more about how to manage the future of your NetApp E2600 storage hardware, please get in touch.

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