4 Questions To Ask a Potential Third-Party Dell EMC Maintenance Provider

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Posted on Wednesday, August 7, 2019

When moving from OEM to third-party support for your post-warranty Dell EMC storage arrays, you need a partner you can trust. Here are four questions you should ask any prospective provider.

1. Global 24/7 support coverage

To deliver 99.999% uptime, you need around-the-clock storage support. This is especially true when you operate multiple data centers across the globe. 

Make sure that any prospective provider offers follow-the-sun support and is available to take calls whenever you need assistance. CDS offers global coverage and proactive maintenance services to head off problems before they affect operations. 

2. Dell EMC spare parts availability

Technical advice and assistance is vital, but so is guaranteed access to spares– particularly when dealing with post-warranty systems. For maximum performance and reliability, you want Dell EMC certified parts, not merely compatible alternatives.

CDS hold every part for every system we support in stock at all times. All are Dell EMC certified, tested and ready for dispatch to customer sites within a matter of hours.

3. Contract flexibility

The one-size-fits-all approach to support contracts is costly and wasteful. You need a partner who can vary response times and contract lengths to give you a service customized to your budget and operational priorities.

CDS offers enhanced flexibility, such as interim support during a platform migration, or varying response times according to the relative priority of the system. Four hours on-site to next business day, choose the level of post-warranty support cover and duration that best suits your needs. 

4. Dell EMC-trained engineers

Storage support is not a generic discipline, even if the basic concepts are similar between vendors. For the fastest, most effective and efficient support, you want access to Dell EMC qualified engineers.

Here at CDS, all of our Level 3 engineers are ex-Dell EMC employees. They have the knowledge and experience you need for a speedy resolution to technical issues.

And lots more

These are just four questions you need to ask. Don't forget to consider issues like model-specific experience, hardware testing capabilities and on-site engineer locations.

To learn more about the CDS difference, please get in touch.

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