NetApp Takes Cloud Back In-House

Cloud with 'NetApp' written on it and circuits coming out of it

Posted on Tuesday, July 2, 2019

NetApp has made headlines recently with plans to port existing Cloud Data Services to the on-premise data center. At a time when CIOs and CTOs are busy planning cloud-first IT strategies, the NetApp plan sounds like a mistake. But this may actually be a very smart move indeed.

Blurring boundaries

As has been established many times before, the cloud is not suitable for every workload. The on-premise data center will continue to exist in some form for the foreseeable future.

NetApp’s play is to bring the flexibility of the cloud to local infrastructure. Initially they will port the Kubernetes Service and Cloud Volumes for use on local NetApp HCI hardware.

In this way, workloads can be abstracted from the underlying infrastructure– in exactly the same way that PaaS services like Azure and AWS are. Importantly, adopters will be able to apply the same development techniques and principles to systems and data that will never leave the on-premise data center.

A strategic move for NetApp and their customers

For NetApp, bringing cloud in-house is a great way to stimulate sales of new hardware– especially in a market where vendors are seeing sales volumes fall. For customers, deploying cloud technologies in-house allows them to extract maximum value from their HCI investment.

With Cloud Data Services enabled in the local data center, customers can create seamless connections between their systems and the cloud. It also means that applications that are optimized using in-house cloud will be ready for migration to the cloud proper, should strategy demand it at a later date.

NetApp has promised that more of their Cloud Data Services will be ported in future too, confirming an ongoing commitment to local storage servers and customers who need to retain on-premise infrastructure.

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