Are SSD Prices About To Reach an All-Time Low?

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Posted on Thursday, May 16, 2019

All flash arrays (AFA) have quickly replaced spinning disks as the storage medium of choice, and for good reason. Solid-state disks (SSDs) also offer a significant boost over hard disk, helping to justify the higher purchase price. The difference in performance is particularly noticeable where hard drive arrays co-exist with AFAs, even when these systems do not share workloads.

CDS has long advocated the cascade-down approach to data storage, using redundant arrays to replace your oldest systems. Each time you replace a generation, you will also realise a modest performance boost– even for functions like data archiving.

The advantage of extended refresh cycles

One of the benefits of post-warranty support is that hardware refreshes don’t have to happen as frequently. 

By replacing spinning disks with SSDs, you could help to overcome that shortfall, as long as the extra cost can be justified.

2019: the year of the SSD?

Research from technology industry analyst Trendforce suggests that cost may be less of an issue this year. According to a recent report, manufacturers of NAND-based flash disks are experiencing a problem with oversupply, and costs are plummeting as a result. 

SSD costs have been falling for some time, but the rate of descent has been accelerating. Some prices have reduced by as much as 37% between Q1 and Q2, and there’s no sign of an upturn any time soon.

Decline is expected to slow, but not before flash prices fall below $0.10 per GB. This is still more than the equivalent hard drive cost, but prices are reaching a point where retrofitting arrays used in secondary applications is not only justifiable, but delivers a marked improvement in productivity and output. 

Once equipped with SSDs, the usable lifespan of your arrays will increase significantly. And the gap between hardware refreshes may increase again.

To learn more about post-warranty hardware and how third-party support can give you back control of your data center, please give us a call.

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