The Culture of Change: Do You Have It?

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Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2019

Digital transformation is one of the most pressing challenges of modern business, using data to drive strategy and decision-making, and to increase the quality of service offered to customers. Obviously, technology will need to be upgraded and streamlined to achieve these goals, but digital transformation is more than “just” a technical challenge.

Digital transformation affects every aspect of your organization: in the IT department the first step will be through the adoption of DevOps principles. Gartner is clear this will be harder than most expect;

Changing the behaviors and culture are fundamental to the success of a bimodal IT approach […] 90 percent of I&O organizations attempting to use DevOps without specifically addressing their cultural foundations will fail.”

Do you have the right corporate culture in place?

To succeed with digital transformation, your organization needs to embrace change. To make a success of cloud services, for instance, your IT engineers (and end users) need to be committed to radically changing the way they work– and the disruption that comes with being a disruptive organization. 

If your C-suite is not committed to short-term disruption for long-term gains, you should delay your digital transformation efforts. This may mean retaining existing IT infrastructure until the cultural requirements have been satisfied. You are unlikely to realize the full benefits of your activities otherwise.

Preparing for digital transformation

Although we specialize in post-warranty storage support services, CDS is able to help you prepare for your digitally-transformed future. Instead of trying to address culture and technology simultaneously, CDS can help maintain your existing infrastructure while you create an operational culture that embraces change.

Once you have buy-in from the business as a whole, you can then begin the process of rolling out new technologies to support truly data-driven operations. To find out how CDS can help support you on your journey to DevOps and digital transformation, please give us a call.

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