Warning Signs You Must Delay Cloud Adoption: Part 5

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Posted on Thursday, April 25, 2019

The one resource that every CTO lacks is time. Time to resolve issues with existing infrastructure, and time to draw up and enact strategic development plans. Historically, this shortage of available time meant that new technology roll-outs take months or years to complete. 

The beauty of cloud services is the ease of adoption. Armed with nothing more than an email address and a credit card, users can sign up for a new service, circumventing internal purchasing and security procedures in the process.

But often the rush to the cloud is just that– a rush. And as with all rushed IT projects, the results are often less than optimal.

Cloud done right takes time

Replicating existing infrastructure on a cloud platform is relatively straightforward. Move existing virtual servers to AWS/Azure, make some minor changes to application configuration, and you’re good to go.

The problem is that replicating existing systems also replicates all of the issues you currently experience into the cloud. The difference is that you are now being billed on a resource usage basis, magnifying the cost of these shortcomings. 

Proper cloud adoption requires significant re-engineering of applications and services to maximize resource efficiency, and this is where the issue of time becomes apparent. You need time to conceptually rearchitect programs, to test new code, and to test interaction between systems. Done correctly, this process could take years to complete– especially while you are still fighting fires and trying to keep the lights on in the local data center. 

CDS: we’re here to help

CDS can help to free up some of the time and money your business needs to fund its cloud strategy. Our OEM-trained engineers can keep your post-warranty storage arrays running optimally until you are ready to complete the move to the cloud, relieving the burden on your in-house engineers. And because we offer proactive maintenance services for less than the OEM, we free up additional cash for re-investment in application re-engineering projects. 

The cloud is undoubtedly set to revolutionize the way you do business– but it always pays to pause before rushing into strategic decisions that could have implications far larger than anticipated. CDS is here to help while you try to get all the elements of your cloud strategy in place.

Give us a call today to discuss our post-warranty storage maintenance support services and how they will help you make all the right moves as you head into a cloud-first future.

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