Warning Signs You Must Delay Cloud Adoption: Part 3

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Posted on Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The cloud has already become an integral aspect of most businesses who now use more than 1,100 hosted applications on average. This statistic alone should give pause to any organization considering going ‘all in’ on the cloud.

There are now 1,100 additional attack surfaces that need to be managed. Worse still, at the time of the time of the Cipher Cloud investigation, 86% of these applications were unknown, aka 'shadow IT.’

Dealing with the unknown

Before moving any more applications or data into the cloud, businesses must first get a grip on the systems already in place. This will involve rigorous auditing of installed applications and network traffic to ensure that everything has been identified. 

Then there is a major project to assess the security risks associated with each application, and how to mitigate the inherent dangers. This will take time and resources away from other strategic cloud infrastructure projects. But in an age of increased cybercrime and demands for greater accountability when handling personal data (think GDPR), analysis of existing apps cannot be delayed or ignored. 

Prepping for a paradigm shift

Most businesses will rely on a mix of on-site and hosted infrastructure resources– a so-called hybrid cloud deployment. This will involve transferring data between sites, and it will need to be protected in transit. CTOs will also need to ensure that incoming connections cannot be hijacked or risk inadvertently exposing their internal network. This is likely to require significant reconfiguration of comms channels to ensure they are fully secured, without negatively impacting bandwidth and throughput, for instance.

As discussed in Part 1 of this blog series, securing a hybrid environment requires specialist cloud skills. You must have those skills in place to protect data and systems.

It’s safer to “stick” for now

If your organization has yet to conduct an audit of existing cloud assets, or cannot confidently secure hybrid cloud assets, you’re not ready for wholesale cloud adoption. Until then, CDS can provide interim support for your server and data storage hardware– give us a call to see what we can do for you.

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