Why Cloud Increases The Need For On-site Maintenance

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Posted on Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Cloud technologies are supposed to help reduce operating costs by abstracting data and services from the underlying physical hardware. In this way, storage can be pooled, allowing systems to be moved (often dynamically) to make best use of the available resources, even in on-site data centers.

Abstraction should reduce the importance of physical hardware, and, in some ways, it does. Your organization is free to build a heterogeneous environment using the best available technologies from a range of vendors, for instance.

And of course, abstraction makes it much easier to deal with hardware failures; virtual servers can be shifted around the cloud layer to compensate. In theory, this should reduce maintenance and support overheads.

But even with a cloud-like storage layer, local data centers are bound by hardware limitations: they only have a finite number of servers and arrays with which to work.

Infrastructure strain = more maintenance

The fundamental design of pooled resources and virtual computing is actually a serious concern, however. By maximizing use of storage and processing resources, servers are placed under far greater load than in a traditional single-role scenario.

This additional load means that servers are under constant strain, dramatically reducing the total lifespan of components like processors and hard drives. As a result, your organization will need a reliable supply of spares to keep these systems running; or more likely, a trustworthy third-party support provider with their own inventory.

The fact is, a move towards private cloud technologies offers significant operational benefits, but it does not negate the need for comprehensive hardware maintenance services. In fact, the increased load placed on your servers means that you will probably need more spares and support than in the past, so you must factor maintenance into your project plans and costings.

To learn more about how CDS can provide support and maintenance (and spares) for your private cloud infrastructure, please get in touch.

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