Three Secondary Savings of Third-Party Dell EMC Storage Support

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Posted on Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Third-party Dell EMC storage support contracts are typically much cheaper than those offered by the OEM. Here at CDS we typically quote savings of up to 50%.

But third-party maintenance contracts offer much more than the initial savings. Here are three areas you may not have considered.

1. Headcount reduction potential

The biggest cost in the data center remains the staff required to run it. Keeping older (potentially post-warranty) storage arrays in operation may also mean retaining under-utilized product specialists to support it. 

By partnering with CDS, however, you can rely on our OEM-trained and qualified Level 3 engineers for support. On call 24/7/365, you always have access to the knowledge and skills you need without augmenting your own headcount. 

2. Reduced contract administration

As we’ve discussed previously, Dell EMC maintenance contracts are offered on a per-order basis. This means any data center that has undergone organic growth will have multiple maintenance contracts in place at any moment in time, increasing administration complexity. 

The time cost of increased administration may be acceptable, but overspend on unused or retired assets is not. Partnering with CDS allows you to consolidate support contracts so you have a single point of reference for maintenance coverage, and you never accidentally pay to support an array that has been retired.

3. Multi-vendor support

Contract consolidation is not limited to Dell EMC storage, either. CDS provides true multi-vendor maintenance services, covering storage solutions from NetApp, IBM, HPE, Oracle, Cisco and Hitachi Vantara. Our multi-discipline service offers you the opportunity to consolidate support contracts further still.

Combining these costs creates exponentially greater savings over OEM equivalents– particularly when dealing with older, or post-warranty assets. Ultimately, the question becomes ‘Why would you renew your OEM maintenance contract?’.

To learn more about our storage support services, please give us a call.

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