The Truth About Standardized Data Centers

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Posted on Friday, March 15, 2019

For many years it has been the received wisdom that standardizing on storage hardware vendor will save money in the long run. Many of the arguments put forward for this approach are quite sound, too.

First, standardization is supposed to improve overall infrastructure performance as vendors like Dell EMC and NetApp optimize their systems to work together. And then choosing a common platform should reduce the number of skillsets required to maintain infrastructure, lowering wage bills.

Both of these are strong arguments, but they don’t tell the full story. 

Abstraction is making vendors irrelevant

As IT infrastructure becomes increasingly more virtualized, the underlying technologies are of diminishing importance. A private cloud installation is shared between storage arrays, for instance, and there is no requirement for those arrays to come from the same vendor.

Abstraction frees the CTO to mix-and-match storage arrays from multiple vendors. They can choose technologies that best meet their budgets and requirements, rather than simply buying what their OEM account manager recommends.

One vendor, multiple contracts

The organic growth of the modern storage network means that new systems are being added all the time. But when each is protected by its own maintenance contract, CTOs are creating an administrative nightmare: their data center may be homogenous, but their contracts certainly are not. 

In order to achieve similar standardization with their “paperwork,” CTOs need to look beyond the OEM. In fact, a third party like CDS will help to consolidate contracts and payments to cover multiple assets, offering multi-vendor support contracts to simplify the administration and maintenance of a modern heterogeneous data center environment.

If your business is serious about data center standardization, you need to look beyond the badge on the server case. To learn more about how CDS can help consolidate and standardize support agreements, please get in touch.

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