3 Factors To Fine-Tune Your Third-Party Storage Maintenance Service

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Posted on Friday, March 8, 2019

One of the many benefits of third-party hardware maintenance services is the sheer flexibility on offer. When dealing with the OEM, support levels are generally inflexible- unless you are willing to pay significantly over the base contract rate.

Third-party service contracts have several significant benefits, one of which is a greater degree of flexibility. By choosing a third-party provider, you often have the opportunity to fine-tune the level of service received. This means you really do get what you pay for, and you only pay for what you actually want.

Here are some ways to fine-tune your third-party maintenance contracts to better suit your business needs:

1. Customize your SLAs

Some storage assets are more important to operations than others, and your SLAs should recognize that fact. Where an OEM will try to impose a blanket response time on all your assets, CDS allows you greater flexibility.

We allow you to specify SLAs at the asset level. So the most important servers can have a four-hour on-site response time applied, while legacy archive storage arrays could be assigned next-business-day SLAs, for instance.

2. Leverage proactive remote monitoring

OEMs like Dell EMC can call upon tools like SYMMWIN for remote heartbeat monitoring of customer systems and they charge a premium for that service. But some third-party providers can offer a very similar service for up to 50% less.

Here at CDS, our unique Raytrix ESS tool allows us to monitor customers’ Dell EMC arrays remotely. We are able to offer a highly proactive level of service that other, less well-equipped third-party maintenance providers cannot. For the highest levels of service, choose a partner who offers proactive remote monitoring and maintenance.

3. Local, or on-site, spares

Good availability of spares is critical to speedy resolution of hardware failures. And the closer those spares are to your data center; the faster problems can be fixed.

With a global network of warehouses and a mature, reliable supply chain, CDS can have data center spares (and an engineer to fit them) on-site in as little as four hours. We can even arrange to have critical components stored on-site if required.

Your data center, your choice

Third-party storage maintenance is about giving you greater control over your data center. By partnering with CDS, we can help you build a service offering that meets your strategic needs– and helps to save cash, too.

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