CDS In A VMAX3 World First

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Posted on Tuesday, March 12, 2019

As several key VMAX3 product lines reach end of warranty, many owners are under pressure from Dell EMC to upgrade their arrays. But with the latest release of their tried and tested remote maintenance suite RAYTRIX ESS, CDS are about to change the game. Again. 

In a world first, RAYTRIX ESS has been upgraded to include support for VMAX 100K, 200K, 400K and All-Flash Storage Arrays. This additional functionality offers an important lifeline to any business wishing to avoid a costly– and probably unnecessary– storage platform upgrade.

What is RAYTRIX ESS again?

RAYTRIX ESS is a direct replacement for Dell EMC’s in-house tools used for heartbeat monitoring and remote maintenance of customer arrays. And as alerts are forwarded to CDS for analysis, our team of Level 3 engineers is on hand to perform remote proactive maintenance to ensure arrays continue to perform optimally.

The addition of VMAX3 support to RAYTRIX ESS is just the latest update to a well-established, well-respected secure service tool. CDS has been providing support to EMC storage customers using RAYTRIX ESS for over 15 years, helping to resolve the intermittent faults that degrade performance over time.

Why does the addition of VMAX3 support matter?

RAYTRIX ESS gives owners of Symmetrix and VMAX storage array owners a credible third-party alternative to OEM support. Because the toolset has been developed from the ground up, RAYTRIX ESS does not use any EMC microcode, making it free from OEM licensing.

With their own secure support tools, CDS offers OEM class maintenance services to customers, but typically 50% lower cost than the equivalent contract from Dell EMC. And once again, we’re one of the first to market, which is why we’re a leading provider of third-party support for Dell EMC arrays.

Learn more about RAYTRIX ESS and our newly enhanced remote maintenance services for VMAX3 arrays.

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