Delivering Seamless Storage Support During Brexit

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Posted on Thursday, February 21, 2019

With less than 10 days before the UK’s self-imposed deadline for leaving the European Union, there is still utter confusion about what businesses and individuals can expect to happen next. No one is even sure what form Brexit will take (Deal, No Deal, WTO), or even if it will be delayed or cancelled.

Clearly this is a major problem for businesses who need to guarantee continuity during and after the exit process. The good news is that CDS can help alleviate at least some of those concerns.

Spare parts availability

As we’ve discussed on the CDS blog before, our spares warehouse ensures we have every part for every system we support for our clients. No matter what happens with trade tariffs, customs provisions or import duties, we have the spares our customers need, ready for delivery to site in as little as four hours.

For companies based in EU member states, Britain’s departure won’t affect their supply chain either. CDS maintains sparing within the EU, too.

Support availability

The vast majority of our storage support services are delivered remotely, from our control center in the USA. Proactive monitoring and support for European customers is also provided by engineers in Ireland.

And for site visits in the UK? We also operate a local network of trusted Level 3 engineers, ready to fit spares or deal with technical issues that require physical presence on-site. No matter what happens with international operations, engineers will always be on hand to assist.

Weathering the uncertainty

Remote delivery of proactive monitoring and support means that border issues will not affect the quality services provided to customers. Our engineers work seamlessly with customers inside and outside the European Union every day– so Britain’s membership (or not) in the EU will have no impact.

To learn more about limiting the effect Brexit may have on your IT operations– or how we can help reduce your storage operating costs– please get in touch.

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