Are You Ready For Ransomware?

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Posted on Friday, February 8, 2019

Although there haven’t been any NotPetya-type mass infections recently, ransomware continues to affect businesses and individuals across the world. And as you would expect when access to data is lost, the effects of an infection could be catastrophic.

Naturally, most businesses focus their security efforts on preventing malware infection in the first place. Intelligent firewalls, content scanning and endpoint security products are all deployed to identify and block incoming ransomware. And yet malicious content still makes it through.

Data recovery is key

Once infected, CIOs face a key decision: take a chance and pay the ransom or initiate data recovery protocols. Paying the ransom is by far the fastest solution to the problem, but there’s no guarantee that criminals will supply the necessary decryption keys.

Restoring data is slower, but also more reliable. If your data is properly backed up, it can be used to recover a “clean” version of the encrypted files. But it relies on your backup systems being fully operational. 

Secondary recovery mechanisms

Your data center team almost certainly checks and double-checks the backup systems that protect mission critical systems. But do they pay the same attention to secondary data sets–or your archive/legacy systems?

Legacy tape archives are easily forgotten, but they will be vital for recovering compromised files. Ransomware is notoriously unspecific and will encrypt any files it comes into contact with–including that stored on legacy arrays.

As a result, you must ensure that legacy tape drives are properly serviced and maintained just in case the worst really does happen. This may mean seeking the services of a third-party specialist like CDS who can provide post-warranty tape library support and disk arrays. In this way, you can be sure that all of your data is protected in the event of a ransomware outbreak.

CDS provide comprehensive third-party support and maintenance for a wide range of disk arrays and backup systems–please contact us for a quote.

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