Intel Waves Goodbye To Itanium

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Posted on Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The writing has been on the wall for some time now, but Intel has finally announced the retirement of their Itanium family of processors. The last Itanium processor, codenamed Kittson, will ship to customers in July 2021.

Although not hugely popular– every OEM except HPE dropped Itanium from their product line years ago– there are still businesses who have invested heavily in the architecture. And they face an extremely expensive migration from Itanium to Xeon-based servers at some point in the near future.

More than just hardware

More than simply replacing servers however, Itanium owners will also need to upgrade the software running on them. Virtually everything running on their IA-64 environment will need to be replaced in order to take advantage of the x86-64 Xeon architecture.

Any organization heavily invested in Itanium is looking at an extremely expensive migration project.

Extending your Itanium lifecycle

Obviously HPE is advising customers to plan their migration with a view to making the final transition somewhere around July 2024-2026 when the final Kittson-based servers reach end of service life. But there is an alternative strategy.

Third-party HPE server support from CDS provides a way to significantly extend the lifespan of Itanium systems, reducing total cost of ownership and increasing return on investment. In fact, CDS will be able to support your Itanium servers well beyond EoSL, including full access to spares.

Because our maintenance contracts are typically 50% lower than those from HPE, you can bank the savings to put toward funding the inevitable Xeon migration. And by exiting the OEM upgrade cycle, you regain full control of your server strategy. 

To learn more about HPE server support services (we maintain Xeon-based systems, too) and how we can help manage your Itanium migration strategy, please give us a call.

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