EMC Support Lapsed? How to Avoid Being Gouged

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Posted on Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The complexity of modern IT infrastructure is compounded by the myriad licenses and maintenance contracts attached to your assets. Even with a good contract management system in place, it is possible for contracts to lapse.

Archaic purchasing processes, delayed upgrades, overrunning cost negotiations or a lack of defined oversight can all result in failure to renew Dell EMC maintenance contracts in time. Obviously, any lapse leaves affected storage arrays unprotected. If a controller card fails, for instance, any replacement will be at your expense- assuming you can source the relevant spare quickly. 

Dell EMC contracts– reinstatement fees

The problem is that a lapsed Dell EMC maintenance contract cannot simply be resumed. Worse still, a ‘reinstatement fee’ is added to the bill, significantly increasing the cost of renewal.

This additional fee has been designed specifically to encourage customers to renew quickly and early– but in some cases, allowing a contract to lapse makes sense. If an array is due to be retired in nine months, can the CTO easily justify paying for 12 months support, the minimum allowable under Dell EMC terms? 

The trouble is that these arrays are left unprotected during the most critical phase of a migration project.

Dell EMC third-party maintenance to the rescue

The only way to avoid a reinstatement fee, without leaving your arrays unsupported, is to reject OEM support altogether. And this is where third-party Dell EMC storage maintenance contracts can help.

Here at CDS, switching to a third-party maintenance contract can be completed in a matter of hours. Even if your existing agreement with Dell EMC has expired, our team of Level 3 engineers is available 24/7/365 to ensure your arrays are fully protected. And we don’t charge any hand-over fee, either.

Whether you are looking to make a significant cost saving on your maintenance contract costs, need an alternative to punitive reinstatement fees, or are seeking interim support during a migration, we are here to help. Contact CDS today to discuss your options– and how much we can save you on top of the EMC reinstatement fee.

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