How To Cut Your Dell EMC Storage Support Costs

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Posted on Monday, February 11, 2019

Every penny you can cut from standard operating costs is another penny that can be spent on strategic developments–that’s just basic math. But how can you cut costs without compromising the quality of service you receive?

Here are two practical ideas to consider.

1. Third-party storage support

Some of the largest cost reductions are realized by moving storage maintenance contracts away from Dell EMC to a third party. Here at CDS, our storage support services can be up to 50% lower than Dell’s.

As your existing contracts come due for renewal, don’t forget to seek quotes from third-party providers who can deliver a similar level of service. 

2. Custom SLAs

OEM contracts typically assign a standardized SLA to all of your storage assets. This means that everything, including secondary arrays or tape libraries, is protected by a 4-hour on-site support service (or similar). And you are billed accordingly, too. 

But the reality is that many of your systems, particularly those that exist outside line-of-business operations, do not need the highest levels of support. A Dell PowerVault tape library protecting your archive datasets can almost certainly exist safely under a ‘next business day’ SLA, for instance.

The response time may be slower, but the level of service remains the same. Importantly, the cost of next business day is typically lower, too.

Unlike an OEM, CDS allows you to define SLAs on an asset-by-asset basis. Which gives you granular control of your costs and eliminates overspend on unnecessary support provisions. You pay for what you need and avoid the “slack” inherent in the Dell EMC maintenance contract model. 

By applying both these recommendations, you can help to dramatically lower the ongoing running costs of your Dell EMC storage arrays.

To learn more about our maintenance contracts and flexible SLA definitions, please get in touch.

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