CDS Sees Into Your Storage Support Future

Crystal ball with server and hard drive spinning inside it

Posted on Thursday, January 31, 2019

CDS has an enviable record of predicting– and preventing– storage system failures on behalf of our clients. In fact, you could say that we can see the future, allowing us to resolve issues before they can affect operations.

So how do we do it? Is there a special crystal ball hidden away at our New Jersey operations center? 

Our tools

The key to knowing the future is being able to read the signs of what is to come. Knowing what is happening right now is crucial to predicting likely outcomes.

To better serve our customers, CDS operates a fully proactive storage support service. Our engineers are constantly monitoring and reporting on server health, looking for the early signs of an impending failure.

At the heart of our proactive maintenance for EMC Symmetrix arrays is our unique Raytrix ESS tool kit. Raytrix ESS allows us to perform vital maintenance tasks remotely, and to carry out vital pre-emptive actions like invoking or removing hot spares to prevent hardware failures.

Our expertise

Our Level 3 engineers have decades of experience supporting and maintaining OEM hardware backed by official vendor training and certifications. But this is just part of the story.

CDS also maintains an extensive hardware testing lab, allowing us to test every supported system. Our testing helps us to identify the components most likely to fail, and the warning signs that precede each malfunction.

This information is made available to every engineer, so when a similar event is noticed during a routine maintenance check, they can take remedial action. Whether this is a configuration change carried out remotely, or an OEM-approved spare from one of our global distribution warehouses, they know how best to resolve each potential problem before our clients are significantly impacted. 

Is there a crystal ball at CDS? Not quite– but our tools and experience might make you think there are. 

If you’d like to know more about how CDS can help you manage the future performance of your storage hardware, please get in touch.

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