Dell EMC: More Power, Fewer Processors

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Posted on Tuesday, January 29, 2019

In the world of enterprise computing, more is more. More RAM means more computational speed. More disks mean more storage capacity. But now Dell EMC is telling us that fewer CPUs mean more processing power. 

And to demonstrate this belief, Dell EMC is shipping an increased number of PowerEdge R6415 servers. These large 1U machines ship with a single CPU socket.

What is going on?

Aside from the single socket, the Dell EMC PowerEdge server model R6415 is nothing particularly remarkable. With space for 10 NVMe drives, 2TB of RAM and 128 PCIe lanes, these servers are perfectly performant– but how do they achieve a 20% efficiency gain over a dual-socket system?

The key to Dell EMC’s claims is what sits in the single socket. The PowerEdge R6415 is fitted with a 32-core AMD Epyc processor, providing plenty of power from a single CPU.

By switching to a single, powerful CPU, the R6415 demands less power and cooling resources to deliver similar performance to a dual-CPU server.

So what?

The server is already gaining traction in big data applications. Designed for ultra-dense, scale-out environments, the R6415 has been selected by Nikhef (the Dutch National Institute for Subatomic Physics) as the backbone for their particle physics research program. These servers will help scientists to analyze and assess the vast amounts of data generated by the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, for example.

More processing grunt, lower power demands, and the ease of infrastructure expansion make this particular PowerEdge server a particularly attractive option for ultra-dense, high-performance server farms.

Although the future looks bright for single-socket servers, many businesses are still reliant on older Dell EMC PowerEdge servers. But so long as these machines continue to perform at an acceptable standard, there’s no reason to rush into replacing them yet.

To learn more about third-party Dell EMC PowerEdge server support and how to get the most from your existing investments, please give us a call.

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