How to Tell Which Components Will Fail in Your Dell Storage Arrays

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Posted on Thursday, December 27, 2018

Even with built-in redundancy, hardware failures still have the potential to take your Dell storage arrays offline. In a well-designed operating environment, services should still be available, but performance will be affected negatively.

Predicting which spares will fail and when will be crucial to preventing performance issues. So how can you tell which component in your Dell storage arrays will fail next?

One simple rule

There’s one easy way to tell which components will fail first: they contain moving parts. Power supply fans, hard disk drives and CPU coolers are all prime candidates for failure at some point in the foreseeable future.

It makes sense to have these spares somewhere accessible for when the inevitable happens. Whether this is in your own data center or at a nearby partner’s warehouse is a matter of personal choice.

Your choice of partner is important

In an ideal world, your business could maintain its own stock of spares in-house. However, this represents a significant capital outlay for parts that may not be replaced within the current financial year.

Partnering with a Dell EMC hardware support specialist like CDS provides guaranteed access to all the OEM-approved spares you may need for your arrays– including those that fail much less regularly. And the provider bears the capital cost of holding the spares in stock.

More than simply holding stock

CDS provides more than just Dell-approved spares. Our hardware labs perform testing on every system we support. We know which parts will fail, and most importantly, when to expect failure. 

And because of this foreknowledge, CDS implements highly accurate predictive parts planning for your Dell arrays. Our engineers are ready before you know there’s an issue.

To learn more about how CDS proactively monitors your Dell arrays and has spares for every eventuality, please give us a call.

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