Preventative Maintenance As Performance Boost

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Posted on Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The case for storage hardware support is well-established. When something goes wrong, you need the guarantee of assistance to bring systems back online.

But reactive support is just one part of the story. For total coverage, you also need preventative maintenance. This short series of articles including tips on how preventative maintenance benefits your business in terms of cost-reduction, talent-retention, equipment decommissioning and career advancement will help to explain why it should be added to your current storage hardware support strategy. 

The need for speed

As the speed at which you do business increases, the need for fast, reliable access to data becomes critical. Which is why you invest so much in new technology every year.

But your existing technology- whether from Dell, NetApp or any other vendor- must continue to operate at peak capacity or you will run into problems. Where storage systems underperform, they have a knock-on effect to the rest of your infrastructure, even if they are not running mission critical applications.

In reality, these existing systems must continue to operate optimally for the business just to “stand still.”

Preventative maintenance delivers a performance boost

Fact: if your arrays have been largely neglected, they will slow down over time. You must carry out regular maintenance to free up disk space, optimize configuration and tune settings, or else your performance will degrade. But for an IT department busy fighting fires, scheduled maintenance tasks are often one of the first casualties when defining priorities.

Outsourcing preventative maintenance tasks to CDS allows you to stay on top of these routine tasks and to ensure that performance levels are upheld. Our team of dedicated, trained experts are able to tune your environment for maximum performance and will proactively monitor operations for signs of potential issues that may cause problems.

Because our team takes responsibility, your IT department can focus on the strategic projects that will help to deliver the next big performance gain.

To learn more about our preventative maintenance services and the broad range of vendors we support, please get in touch.

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