Preventative Maintenance As Cost-Reduction Strategy

people examining server arrays in a data center

Posted on Wednesday, December 12, 2018

No matter how large your annual IT budget increase, the CTO is still under immense pressure to control costs. Or in plain English, to cut expenditures. This second article in our series looks at how preventative maintenance is an important aspect of your cost-control strategy.

For more information on how preventative maintenance benefits your business in terms of boosting performance, retaining talentequipment decommissioning and career advancement, take a look at the rest of our series. 

Reduced support outlay

When considering preventative maintenance, it is important to note that this not a standard aspect of the OEM’s support contract. They will provide assistance at your request, but this is reactive, given only when a known issue has been identified. Resolving issues before they are reported is not a standard service and will significantly increase the cost of your OEM maintenance contract.

You can still obtain preventative maintenance as part of your support contract and save money, however. The trick is to look at third-party support options like those provided by CDS. Our contracts are typically 50% lower cost than the OEM equivalent and include 24/7/365 proactive monitoring of supported systems.

Immediately you are not only controlling costs but reducing them, too.

Ending the costly break-fix cycle

The earlier you can fix a technical problem, the less you will spend on repair costs. A failed component may result in downtime at potentially massive cost through loss of productivity, for instance.

Replacing a failing component before it can bring down the system prevents that loss of productivity, which means you save money in the long term.

Again, you are controlling costs, saving money, and freeing up budget for spending on strategic projects that will drive future revenue growth. Which is exactly what strategic cost control should achieve.

To learn more about our preventative maintenance services and how CDS can help you control costs, please get in touch. And don’t forget to check out the first article in this series here.

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