Dealing With the Other Skills Shortage

Scale with people on each side of balance

Posted on Monday, December 31, 2018

Skills shortages are a constant headache for IT directors, particularly as technology takes a driving seat in defining corporate strategy. Accelerated uptake of Cloud, DevOps frameworks and Agile development mean that businesses are having to pay top-dollar to get the people they need.

But while all the focus is on securing skills for the ‘visible’ strategic projects, organizations are overlooking their existing infrastructure. Although well known as a drain on budget, “keeping the lights on” still requires skilled engineers– even for trusted legacy storage arrays that tick over with little-to-no intervention. 

Aging storage hardware, aging workforce

While attention is focused on re-skilling to meet the demands of digital transformation, legacy hardware skills are being neglected. And as the incumbent operators and engineers age, their valuable knowledge and experience is leaving with them.

Legacy systems may or may not be mission-critical, but the fact that your older arrays are still in use proves that they continue to provide value to the business. So what happens when your current specialists retire or move on?

Bringing balance to your workforce

Tried, tested, mature and stable, legacy storage arrays do not typically need full-time support. They should of course be covered by a proactive monitoring agreement with routine performance optimizations, but that doesn’t mean a full-time team is desirable, or even necessary.

Strategically safer and more cost-effective is to outsource support and maintenance responsibilities to a specialist like CDS. Our team of OEM-trained engineers offer decades of experience supporting hardware from NetApp, Dell EMC, Hitachi Vantara, HPE, Cisco and more, particularly legacy systems no longer covered by OEM maintenance agreements. 

Securing the necessary skills and experience to support your systems becomes our problem. Which means that you can dedicate even more resources to finding the front-line engineers and developers you need to push forward with strategic projects instead.

To learn more about CDS’ hardware consultancy service, or our low-cost post-warranty maintenance contracts, please get in touch. 

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