Will This New Service Help You Build an Income From Redundant Hardware?

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Posted on Friday, November 30, 2018

In the week that analysts predict total global data storage requirements will top 175 zettabytes by 2025, a start-up has arrived on the scene promising a revolutionary new system. As well as offering additional storage capacity to corporate users, Bluzelle suggests that their solution offers significant benefits through decentralization.

The Airbnb of storage

Although Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure are dominating the market for centralized storage in the cloud, this approach is not the best for every situation. But rather than build a decentralized network of data centers, Bluzelle is proposing something completely different.

Describing their service as the “Airbnb of storage”, Bluzelle intends to help users resell redundant storage for use by subscribers to host massive decentralized databases. Spare storage can be “rented out” on demand to Bluzelle subscribers. According to CEO Pavel Bains, any spare storage– even that built into smartphones and tablets— can be made available to the service, and users will be paid a rental fee for their capacity.

Bluzelle uses blockchain principles to manage and protect these decentralized databases, allowing information to be spread securely across potentially thousands of devices.

Renting out your redundant hardware

The implications of Bluzelle are obvious for CTOs operating data centers with large volumes of unused storage being held “just in case.” Redundant capacity could conceivably be put to use until it is required in-house.

This is the beauty of the blockchain database concept: the capacity can be “loaned” to Bluzelle and reclaimed in seconds without compromising the integrity of the distributed data or affecting in-house operations. And the fact that your business is paid for maintaining redundancy will help to off-set the costs of keeping arrays and servers online for fail-over in the event of an emergency.

Whether Bluzelle’s ambitious technology ever reaches the mainstream remains to be seen– they will have to overcome serious questions about host security, for instance. But for CTOs looking to reduce the cost of maintaining an on-site data center, the Airbnb-style model is an interesting and attractive concept. 

In the meantime, give CDS a call to discuss how we can help lower your redundancy provisioning costs using post-warranty arrays.

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