Post-Brexit Spare Parts Supplies

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Posted on Friday, November 23, 2018

Britain is just four months from leaving the European Union, and the business implications of this seismic political event are still unclear. Without any specific trade deals in place, organizations are forced to consider all their options moving forward.

Customs tariffs are a particular concern. Will businesses be able to buy the products and services they need? Will there be a (temporary) shortage of parts? How much will prices rise after Brexit?

So much uncertainty.

Our local spare part inventory has you covered

The solution– according to OEMs like Dell and NetApp– is to upgrade storage arrays right now. The implication is that British and European Union governments will be able to create a workable customs agreement while these new systems remain under warranty. 

But there is another solution. CDS operates a multi-million dollar spare parts inventory from their UK base in Telford. Right now, there are thousands of spares for every system we support, ready and waiting for our customers.

This means that our customers can hold off upgrades and keep their existing storage arrays in place-- including their post-warranty assets.

CDS holds every spare in stock in our British warehouse at all times. And we can deliver them to our customers’ data centers anywhere in the UK. 

No matter how Brexit finally works out, CDS customers know that their systems are fully protected. They will always have the spare parts they need, when they need them. And there’s no need to go through a costly, disruptive hardware refresh either.

To learn more about the CDS spare parts inventory– we operate several other global warehouses, too– and how we can help you prepare for potential post-Brexit supply chain problems, please get in touch. 

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