Overcoming a Sudden Skills Shortage

Server in 3 states of coming apart

Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Like many organizations whose IT has grown organically, Grand Traverse County in Michigan has started to encounter problems with legacy IT. The county is fully reliant on an aging IBM platform to deliver all of their critical services to local citizens.

After many years, the system remains relatively stable and reliable, but there is another problem that requires urgent attention. When two key engineers resigned, the in-house IT team was left without the skills needed to support and maintain the old IBM Power Systems servers.

Emergency IBM support and maintenance coverage

As the IBM Power Systems reach end of life, businesses are struggling to find engineers with the skills needed to keep legacy systems running. Skilled iSeries engineers are leaving the industry faster than the servers they support.

Rather than hire permanent employees, however, organizations can outsource the problem to a third-party support provider like CDS. Our OEM-trained engineers have the skills you need to manage and maintain legacy hardware from a broad range of OEMs– including IBM.

Coverage during migration

Ultimately, the Grand Traverse County team plan to replace their legacy IBM systems with a more modern alternative that offers greater flexibility and potential future-proofing. But between now and eventual go-live of these replacement systems, the IBM Power Systems will still need support.

CDS are interim-support specialists, providing maintenance coverage for a couple of months or several years– as long as your organization needs. And by choosing a third-party, you can reduce the cost of maintaining legacy hardware because the contracts are typically lower than employing full-time employees or dealing with IBM direct.

To learn more about our IBM hardware support services and how they can help you overcome a skills shortage, please get in touch.

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