What Will You Do When NetApp Phases Out On-Site Storage?

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Posted on Thursday, October 25, 2018

In recognition of wider changes within the IT industry, NetApp is steadily transitioning towards becoming a cloud services company. NetApp’s partnership with Amazon Web Services is just one example of this move, designed to help customers migrate to the cloud with minimum fuss.

But if NetApp is planning the end of on-site hardware, what does that mean for existing customers? 

No need to panic. Yet.

When NetApp does finally call time on their retail products, they will provide plenty of warning to their customers. They will also honor existing maintenance contracts and service agreements ensuring you receive the full official lifespan of any storage systems you buy. 

But this also means that NetApp fully expects their customers to transition to the cloud once those agreements lapse. The alternative would be a costly migration to another onsite provider like Dell EMC.

Time to choose third-party NetApp maintenance

It may be some time before NetApp does finally leave the onsite storage market, but that doesn’t mean customers can delay planning their exit strategy. Many businesses may not want to migrate completely from one vendor to another, and some cases may not be compatible with cloud storage.

Where that is the case, your business will need to choose a third-party NetApp maintenance provider who can supply support and spares for your storage arrays. You will also need to be sure that they can continue to supply NetApp-approved spares long after the OEM stops making them.

The good news is that CDS can provide NetApp support, maintenance and parts now and long into the future. So even if NetApp ended their onsite hardware program tomorrow, we have you covered. 

To learn more about third-party NetApp support and how it could save you from an unwanted migration project in the future, please get in touch.

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