Closing the Gap: Interim Storage Support

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Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2018

One of the many problems encountered during IT projects is the gaps between milestones. These gaps not only extend the overall project timeline, but they create major problems in relation to maintenance and support coverage.

Here are two major potential gaps you need to consider when planning IT projects in future.

1. Migrating between vendors

When you move between platforms, do not expect any favors from the incumbent. With no prospect of future earnings from your system, the OEM will dramatically overcharge for interim support should your project not complete before the existing maintenance contract expire. They will normally insist that you purchase another 12 months coverage too, even if you only need 30 days additional support.

2. Migration from leased hardware

Should you decide not to renew your hardware lease, it will be necessary to migrate to an alternative. If the data transfer does not complete in time, the lessor may be happy to renew your agreement for a short term, but again, the cost of maintenance will add significantly to the overall bill.

Third-party support helps to plug gaps

In both instances, third-party storage maintenance services from CDS can help. Our maintenance contracts typically offer savings of 50% over the OEM equivalent, and possibly even more if the vendor is quoting to cover service gaps as you migrate away from their platform. CDS also offer short-term coverage, ensuring you don’t overpay or take on a too-long contract.

No one deliberately plans for their projects to overrun– but it always pays to have a backup partner like CDS in place to plug the gaps when they do appear.

To learn more about CDS and our short-term maintenance contract options, please get in touch.

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