European IT Pros Fight To Keep The Lights On

Three server stacks with intermittent blinking lights

Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The rapid pace of business change and demand for increased operational flexibility– particularly as part of digital transformation programs– is creating serious problems for IT pros. In Europe, CTOs are reporting that simply keeping the lights on is becoming a major challenge.

A survey published by The Register reports that more than one third are failing to balance demands for new technology against maintaining existing systems. This shouldn’t come as a surprise given that IT departments are run without surplus, leaving no additional resources to take over the running of new deployments. And 57% of those questioned point to this specific problem at their place of work.

Although hard evidence may be lacking, stories from CTOs across the world report similar pressures and limitations.

Outsourcing to manage

Failure to keep existing systems running, or to deliver new technologies will be seen as a failure of the IT department. But with no extra resources to call upon, something has to give.

When forced to choose between maintaining legacy systems or chasing down cutting-edge projects, there is a choice to be made. In the interests of furthering their skillset (and career), most IT pros would choose to concentrate on the projects which introduce new technologies. The CFO will probably agree too, because hiring new, in-demand skills is considerably more expensive than legacy consultancy.

In which case outsourcing support and hardware maintenance for “lights on” systems like storage arrays delivers on several levels. The in-house IT team is free to focus on strategic projects that enhance and extend their skillsets. And the lower-cost legacy support contracts reduce costs and release funds for reinvestment elsewhere– including strategic projects.

All of which will help stressed IT pros in Europe and beyond sleep a little easier.

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