Dell EMC Release New Software to Enhance Data Domain Security

Shield protecting server stack

Posted on Friday, October 26, 2018

Hacking and foreign state interference may steal the headlines, but in day-to-day business, CTOs face a more significant challenge identifying and defeating malware. Malicious apps are a key tool for gaining access to a secure network, or for causing general disruption to processes.

 Ever since the WannaCry and Petya outbreaks, protection against ransomware infections has been a high priority. And to help prevent ransomware infections encrypting (destroying) Data Domain backup and recovery mechanisms, Dell EMC has released a new Cyber Recovery solution. 

Securing Dell EMC Data Domain against ransomware

Recovering from a ransomware infection is relatively straightforward as long as backup data is unaffected. For this reason, most malware now attempts to identify and attack recovery systems like Dell EMC Data Domain, greatly increasing the chances of a victim paying the ransom.

The new Cyber Recovery solution is intended to better protect a Data Domain setup by creating and administering an offline information store. Cyber Recovery acts as a gatekeeper, accepting– and verifying– data from a primary Data Domain server.

Recovery is also connected to a second Data Domain Server which has been configured in logical isolation to the rest of the network. The software acts as a gatekeeper, synchronizing data between both Data Domain servers and applying a “lock” to replicated data.

This lock can be further strengthened using a second “Retention Lock” to ensure immutability of data even if ransomware does manage to cross the air gap between Data Domain servers. The Retention Lock prevents any overwriting or encryption of your archive data and provides additional measures for compliance and auditing.

As malware continues to be a significant problem for CTOs, this new protective measure will certainly be welcome, and could help to prevent significant problems with backup and recovery in future. 

For more help and advice about supporting and maintaining your Dell EMC Data Domain backup replication systems, please give us a call.

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