What’s Next For Your NetApp FAS32xx and FAS62xx Filers?

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Posted on Tuesday, September 11, 2018

NetApp has announced that they are to end extended support for popular filers in the FAS32xx and FAX62xx lines by the end of this year. As always, account managers are urging clients using these storage systems to upgrade as soon as possible.

The specific models being retired are:

  • FAS3210
  • FAS3240
  • FAS3270
  • FAS6210
  • FAS6240
  • FAS6280

Any organization still using these filers will be unable to request technical support from NetApp and may struggle to obtain spare parts in future. Your NetApp account manager should already have been in contact to outline an official upgrade plan to replace your old filers.

An unwanted – and costly – upgrade

With support for the FAS3210 ending on December 31st 2018, your technical team does not have long to plan – and complete – a migration. Aside from the cost of the replacement filer hardware, you will need to budget for migration consultancy, downtime and the general costs associated with running two storage systems in parallel.

Don’t rush into upgrading

Given that most of your IT budget will have already been allocated, there is unlikely to be enough left over to complete a major storage upgrade. But in the event that you have been planning an unwanted migration, there is another option.

CDS offer comprehensive NetApp support and maintenance services for all of the specified filers – even after the official extended warranty period expires. As well as ensuring your storage systems continue to operate optimally, CDS maintains a complete inventory of OEM-approved spare parts.

Partnering with CDS allows you to keep all FAS3210, FAS3240, FAS3270, FAS6210, FAS6240 and FAS6280 systems in service for another three to five years beyond EoSL. Which means your business can increase the return on your NetApp filer investment and defer upgrading storage until it is actually necessary.

To learn more about your options for maintaining FAS3200 and FAS6200 series filers, please get in touch.

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