Surviving the Return From Labor Day Weekend

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Posted on Tuesday, September 4, 2018

A long weekend feels amazing when you’re in the middle of it. But come Tuesday, it’s like you’ve never been away- especially when you have to do five days’ worth of work before the next weekend.

Pretty soon you regret Labor Day and every other holiday because the work just keeps piling up. 

The dreaded “holiday call”

In the world of 24/7/365 enterprise IT, problems won’t always wait until the end of the holiday. All too often a call from the operations team shatters the peace– sometimes you even have to return to the office early.

Why? Because you either have insufficient skills and resources in-house to deal with technical problems, or you have the wrong technical partner providing support. Or you simply do not trust your OEM to provide the out-of-hours assistance you need. 

How to take your holiday– and enjoy it

Your choice of data storage maintenance provider is the key to solving both these challenges. An experienced third-party partner like CDS employs OEM-trained engineers, so we can cover any skills shortfall you have. And with the right maintenance contract in place– 4-hour on-site response, 24/7/365 coverage– those same engineers are at your disposal whenever you need them.

Instead of harassing you during your well-earned time off, your skeleton ops crew can call your storage maintenance provider. They get all the support and assistance they need– including spare parts– whenever they need it. And without having to call you at all.

To learn more about the CDS difference and how we can help you really enjoy the next Labor Day holiday (and any others you may have planned), please give us a call.

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