Legacy Hardware Support Just Became a Strategic Necessity

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Posted on Thursday, September 27, 2018

When Intel announced plans to end support of 16-bit BIOS, businesses were put on notice that they would need to upgrade before 2020. Suddenly hundreds of thousands of servers need to be replaced worldwide. Worse still, millions of applications need to be re-engineered to work with UEFI Class 3 or higher platforms.

Obviously, this will require enormous investment. Even if affected organizations decide to avoid capital investment in new hardware by migrating to a cloud platform, their applications will still almost certainly require significant code updates.

Because every UEFI Class 2 system is affected, demand for new hardware and developer resources will soar. And as per the law of supply and demand, costs will increase exponentially.

A project of this enormity takes years to plan and execute properly, and very few businesses will have sufficient budgetary discretion to make the changes before 2020, especially if they have to buy a large number of new systems or recode legacy applications. 

Third-party support to the rescue

Choosing a third-party support service provides some breathing space. Partnering with CDS will allow you to keep legacy systems in place beyond the 2020 deadline set by Intel. Our post-warranty support services allow you to stagger your migration, and make project spend more manageable year-on-year.

In the case of your oldest (or least mission-critical) systems, you may not have to upgrade at all. As long as spares are available from the CDS warehouses, there is nothing to stop you retaining older platforms for as long as they are required.

To learn more about third-party support and how it can help you better manage unplanned upgrades including the Intel BIOS program, please give us a call

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