How To Reduce Storage Hardware Costs Without New Investment

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Posted on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

One of the primary reasons CTOs choose to upgrade storage systems is because of the escalating costs of running legacy platforms. But there are other ways to control these costs without purchasing new hardware.

1. Abstract the data layer

Virtual computing has become a cornerstone of the modern data center – so it makes sense to bring the same portability and flexibility to your storage. By separating data from the physical storage layer, you can move it between legacy platforms and simplify the migration process when you do eventually upgrade.

2. Consolidate systems

The organic growth of your data center means that new arrays will have been purchased before existing systems reached capacity. By moving workloads to take advantage of unused capacity, you can release redundant capacity for redeployment in other projects, or for complete decommissioning.

3. Decommission and dispose

With workloads and data consolidated, you are free to decommission unused arrays. Decommissioned systems can be placed into storage until needed again or disposed of completely through an IT asset disposal specialist to help recoup residual value from your investment. Alternatively hardware recycling services offer a secure method for complete destruction of unwanted systems. Powering down reduces power, cooling, support and maintenance costs for significant savings.

4. Third party maintenance

Finally, consider switching to a third-party maintenance provider like CDS. Our support services are typically 50% lower than the OEM’s – and offer the same level of support, proactivity and spare parts inventory. Even for post warranty systems.

Escaping the treadmill

OEMs will ensure that legacy running costs escalate as part of their strategy to force you into regular upgrades. But as these four tips show, there are ways to retain your existing stable and secure infrastructure and cut operating costs in the process.

To learn more about these tips and how to apply them to your own legacy storage infrastructure, please get in touch.

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