SSD Capacity Advance Will Shrink Your Data Center

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Posted on Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Not to be outdone by their magnetic storage counterparts, flash manufacturers have also recently held a major conference- the 2018 Flash Memory Summit. And they too have been keen to showcase the future of their medium.

Here comes eSSD

SK Hynix were first out of the gate with the announcement of their new 64TB SSD. Due out in 2019, the 2.5” drive uses 96-layer QLC 3D NAND technologies to provide a 30% increase in write performance and 25% read performance.

And as buyers increasingly consider secondary factors beyond raw capacity, the new drive also offers a considerable energy saving (some estimates suggest ~150%) over the basic 96-layer SSD from SK Hynix.

Toshiba goes further still

The SK Hynix drive is undoubtedly impressive, but Toshiba has gone a step further. They also debuted a new drive- an 85TB 2.5” SSD. This new unit will also use QLC 3D NAND. 

The new Toshiba drive is due to ship in 2019. Toshiba also believe that the new chips will allow them to provide 20TB m.2 SSDs at some point in the future, too.

How to reclaim some serious server rack space

Obviously high capacity SSDs are extremely useful, but it may be Intel’s announcement of new 32TB “ruler” drives that proves to be of the greatest interest. The fact that ruler drives typically offer twice the capacity of a 2.5” SSD means that Intel could use SK Hynix’s breakthrough to offer their own 85TB ruler drives. 

By inserting 32 ruler drives into a 1U server, you could create 5.4PB of direct-attached storage. Fill a rack- forty 1U servers- and you gain 217.6PB of storage. You can then consolidate existing servers, freeing up rack space for other applications. Which means that you may be able to delay your next data center expansion project.

So despite the advances in magnetic disk storage capacity, flash drives continue to push the envelope In terms of capacity and speed. Whatever happens, the future looks good for storage buyers.

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