4 Questions You Must Ask Any Third-Party Maintenance Provider

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Posted on Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Your choice of third-party maintenance (TPM) provider will make the difference between the success or failure of your post-warranty storage strategy. These four key questions will help you make the right choice of TPM partner.

1. How long have you been in the industry?

Longevity isn’t always important, but it does help to show (a) that the company is stable and reliable, and (b) that they have been in existence for as long as your legacy systems. You want a partner that won’t go bust midway through your contract– and who has real-world experience of the storage systems they will be maintaining. 

CDS has been providing support for pre- and post-warranty storage assets to some of the world’s biggest brands for more than 20 years.

2. What is the background of your engineers?

Plenty of TPMs can talk the talk, but do they have the right skills and experience to walk the walk? The difference is their engineers– do they have the expert knowledge required to troubleshoot and resolve problems with your storage quickly?

At CDS, every incoming support call is handled by experienced techs with access to Level 3 engineers with decades of shared knowledge between them. Each of these engineers is an ex-OEM employee, having completed advanced training on every system we support.

3. What SLA options do you offer?

If your post-warranty storage is no longer supporting line-of-business operations, do you really need 4-hour on-site response times? Maybe a subsection of these older systems do. Ideally you want a partner who can offer customizable support options so that you can craft SLAs that suit your operational needs and budget.

CDS provides fully-flexible SLAs, allowing customers to choose the service and coverage levels most appropriate for their business– including short-term interim coverage for migration projects.

4. What is the call resolution process?

When contacting your OEM, it may feel like your call disappears into a black hole once the initial, contractually-obligated response has been received. You do not want a TPM who exhibits the same behavior.

By asking potential TPMs about their call resolution process, you can assess their level of proactivity– and whether they really are capable of resolving issues as quickly as possible.

Any provider able to answer these questions to your satisfaction has earned its place on your supplier shortlist. To learn more about why CDS should be part of your considerations, please get in touch.

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