Why CDS Clients Never Worry About Storage Array Spares

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Posted on Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The issue of spares is typically overlooked while a storage array is under warranty with the OEM, but as systems approach End of Service Life (EoSL) the issue of spare parts availability becomes a serious concern. It also becomes a major point of leverage for your OEM account manager who will use the threat of spares shortages to negotiate an unnecessary storage upgrade when official support ends.

CDS customers, however, never face this problem– even after a product line is officially retired.

A massive global inventory

CDS maintains three global stores, holding thousands of parts for every system we support. Every single part is also OEM-approved, providing maximum compatibility and trouble-free replacement.

Our three warehouses are strategically located, ensuring that parts can be delivered to any client site in as little as four hours.

Pre-emptive spares positioning

CDS has adopted a strategic approach to storing spares, too. Our in-house hardware labs help us to understand the lifespan of every part of every system we support. 

Using these insights, we then ensure that parts are available in the nearest warehouse, ready for when they are needed.

Guaranteed access to spares

Every CDS maintenance contract comes with coverage for spare parts, and we always ensure we have sufficient spares for every system owned by every customer.

This guarantee means that your systems can be left in place for several years after OEM support ends. Your systems are completely protected against hardware failure, and you will never be supplied with lesser quality spares.

To learn more about our global network of spares, our post-warranty support services, or how we differ from other third-party storage hardware maintenance providers, please get in touch.

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