Data Storage Requirements To Spike Dramatically

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Posted on Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The need to increase storage capacity year-on-year is nothing new, and most CTOs have become quite adept at calculating annual growth rates. But sometimes an unexpected development throws those calculations into chaos. Newly proposed legislation in Russia and India could see storage requirements rocket. 

Russian demands on foreign internet companies

A change in Russian law means that local telcos are now required to collect and retain more information about service users. These same telcos have proposed new legislation to force foreign internet companies to share the burden.

Google, Facebook and other international services will need to contribute finances or technology to assist local telcos. They will be required, by law, to facilitate the necessary storage.

If the legislation is passed and service providers fail to comply, bandwidth to these sites will be limited, slowing access for all Russian users.

India’s data localization laws

Following the example set by the European Union, India has announced tough new rules about personal data protection. One proposed enhancement is the requirement that all personal data belonging to Indian citizens is stored within India’s national borders.

Obviously, this means that any business dealing with India will need to increase their data processing and storage capacities. As a fast-developing market, businesses will have little option but to invest heavily in new storage if they want to trade with India.

Several major players, including Microsoft, Amazon, and American Express, are appealing the plans. The Indian government, however, is not yet showing any signs of compromise.

On-site storage isn’t dead

In both cases, localized storage is the only workable solution should these new laws come into force. Until established cloud providers are able to build suitable hosted infrastructure in India and Russia, the only option is to beef up on-site provisions. Which means that the local data center still won’t die any time soon.

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