Could Delaying Your Cloud Projects Be a Good Strategic Move?


Posted on Friday, August 31, 2018

Some years ago, Gartner and other analysts predicted that cloud computing would become an essential aspect of computing for virtually every business. And sure enough, most strategic IT plans now call for at least some hosted infrastructure provisioning. 

But as these plans get underway, Gartner has issued a new warning about cloud adoption – specifically about security risks.

Be very careful

Where CTOs were once extremely suspicious of public cloud security provisions, attitudes have now swung to the opposite extreme. Many are lulled into the false belief that shifting storage and workloads to the cloud also outsources security responsibilities.

While it is true that the major cloud platforms– AWS, Azure, Google– include security as part of their offerings, these measures are designed to protect only physical and infrastructure layers. It is down to the client to secure any data and applications hosted in the cloud.

This mismatch between expectations and reality can have a serious effect. According to Gartner estimates, at least 95% of all cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault.

Why? Because businesses lack the skills to secure systems in the cloud. Their experience in the local data center does not directly translated to hosted infrastructure and so they create unintentional loopholes and blind spots that leak data.

Slow down for safety

Rather than rushing into the cloud, CTOs must be certain that they have the necessary skills in place to properly secure their hosted systems. If postponing means that data is properly protected, the delay is actually a good investment.

And if the move to the cloud is motivated by expiring warranties on data storage assets, there is a way to buy more time. CDS provides support and maintenance coverage for post-warranty and end-of-life storage systems ensuring you have the help you need as you plan your migration to the cloud. Even if you have to delay for several more months before making the move.

To learn more about how CDS can help smooth your transition to hosted systems, please get in touch.

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