How Do CDS Engineers Outperform Their OEM Peers?

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Posted on Thursday, August 9, 2018

Here at CDS we pride ourselves on the quality of technical support offered to our clients. In fact, we believe that our size and approach mean that CDS clients receive a higher quality of service than from their OEM.

So what makes CDS engineers so great?

They are ex-OEM employees

All of our Level 3 engineers have been cherry-picked directly from the OEMs. So when you log an issue with your NetApp filer, a former NetApp engineer will assist. And the same is true for EMC, IBM, HPE and every other manufacturer we support.

They have decades of combined experience

Your OEM is shedding legacy storage skills making it even harder to get the support you need.

All of our engineers have worked in storage maintenance for many years on the “legacy” systems your OEM is no longer focused on, which means that we have an enviable pool of experience to draw upon when solving your technical support challenges. 

They constantly upskill

CDS engineers regularly attend OEM conferences and training events to keep their skills up-to-date. They also regularly train using our in-house labs to better understand the storage systems used by clients, identifying potential points of failure and how to fix them quickly.

They own your support call

Your request for support is sent directly to a Level 3 hardware specialist, so there’s no waiting around while calls are slowly escalated through internal processes. This same engineer will then see your call all the way through to successful completion.

Our engineers are what makes the CDS support experience so different. To learn more about how they save you time, money, and frustration please get in touch. 

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