Why You Should Have Listened To Your Mom’s Nagging

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Posted on Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Growing up, most of the “advice” handed down by our parents just felt like nagging. An endless list of chores, followed by reprimands for not completing them on time, interspersed with praise for when we did get things right.

But if you look back, some of that nagging was actually really good advice that applies to life in general– even your data storage strategy. Here are two examples:

1. Look after your possessions and they’ll last longer

From shoes to games to our first car, the advice was always the same – take care of your belongings and they will last much longer. Importantly, if you took really good care of an item, it would last much longer than expected. 

The same principle applies to your storage arrays and other infrastructure. When maintained and serviced properly, storage infrastructure will continue to deliver value and last long after the OEM withdraws extended support. 

In fact, CDS provide hardware maintenance services for up to 5 years after the OEM claims they are no longer serviceable.

2. Generic brands are just as good

As teenagers, wearing the “right” clothes and owning the coolest brands was crucial to maintaining credibility with our friends. But how often did mom point out that a “lesser” brand was just as good? 

She was right. Those no-brand chips taste exactly the same as the premium varieties. And “uncool” sneakers last a whole lot longer than the designer brands, especially once you start using them in earnest. Now that you have to bear the costs, her advice makes sense.

Once again, this principle applies to data center strategy. Sourcing maintenance services from a third-party provider doesn’t mean the quality is any different. In fact, CDS proudly offer OEM-equivalent hardware support and maintenance services at a cost 30% (or more) cheaper than from the OEM.

Keep mom, she’s not dumb

Your mom may not know anything about IT storage strategy, but her practical wisdom applies in areas she probably never even thought about. Advice to look after stuff and choose third-party equivalents may have been annoying as a teenager, but it makes perfect sense as you mature. 

To learn more about how CDS applies mom-like genius to storage hardware maintenance, please get in touch.


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