5 Things We Hate About OEM Storage Support

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Posted on Thursday, July 12, 2018

Data storage maintenance contract renewal negotiations are always painful, especially as your business never quite manages to get exactly what it needs. So before you go ahead and renew, here are five factors that will make you reconsider.

1. Cost

Unless you significantly reduce the level of cover, OEM maintenance contracts only go one way: up. The older the hardware, the greater the cost, because your OEM wants to force an upgrade, not support your aging storage.

Here at CDS, maintenance contracts are typically 30-70% lower than the OEM equivalent, which helps to create significant cost savings moving forward. 

2. Complicated support procedures

Your OEM undoubtedly employs a great helpdesk making it very simple to report storage issues. But because of the sheer size of these businesses, your issue will be passed between departments and engineers, and you’ll never speak to the same person twice.

Because CDS is much smaller, with fewer internal structures, it is possible to establish a good working relationship with individual engineers, and there’s a very good chance that the same engineer will see your issues through from initial report to final fix.

3. Time to fix

Complicated procedures, multi-level engineering teams, and the sheer volume of incoming support calls can make OEMs slow to respond. The longer they take, the greater the negative effect on your business. 

Again, smaller is better. CDS’s smaller customer base and storage specialism means that we can deliver fixes faster.

4. Inflexible contracts

Planning to retire some of your hardware this year? Your OEM will charge you for a 12-month contract anyway.

CDS offers short-term contracts that cover the transition period. You never end up paying for support you don’t need. 

5. Generic contract terms

Because of their size and the number of customers they support, OEMs can only offer generic contract terms. It is unlikely that the vendor will offer any custom variations.

CDS does offer personalized services, allowing you to choose different SLAs for each system component, for instance, and these variations are still cheaper than the OEM equivalent.

Don’t get fooled again

You know that OEM contracts aren’t right for your business, so why put yourself through it all again for another year? Call CDS today and let us show you the third-party difference.


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