3 Data Storage Maintenance Basics You Should Be Reviewing Constantly

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Posted on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

For storage systems that have been in use, it is quite easy to ignore the maintenance contract that accompanies them. You can’t leave your storage arrays unprotected, so there’s nothing to consider come renewal time, right?

But with the advent of third-party storage maintenance services like those provided by CDS, your business has a choice. Do you stay with the OEM, or do you choose the additional benefits available from an independent supplier?

The only way to decide is to regularly assess the value you get from the maintenance contract. Here are three factors to keep an eye on.

1. How much are you paying?

There’s no question that OEM maintenance contracts are expensive. And the older your hardware gets, the greater the annual increase. You must monitor how much your contract costs, especially when there is a midterm increase that adds to the overall bill for “keeping the lights on." 

2. How much is the service used?

Mature systems are typically very stable, requiring little in the way of maintenance. As you review your support provisions, take account of how often you actually need support intervention– it may be that you are paying for a higher grade of support than is actually required.

An OEM will be relatively inflexible when calculating renewal costs. But a proven history of stability could be very influential when negotiating with a third-party provider. 

3. What are the response times like?

Whether a particular storage system is mission-critical or not, your business has a right to expect a decent level of service, especially if there are SLAs attached. You should closely monitor response times to ensure you are receiving the service being paid for.

In the event that the OEM is performing below expectations, you have a benchmark against which to compare alternative services. Because of their smaller size and simplified support structure, it is extremely likely that third-parties like CDS will outperform your existing supplier.

A worthwhile investment

Checking these factors regularly is neither complicated nor time-consuming. In fact, keeping an eye on these metrics could pay significant dividends in the future if they can be used to negotiate a better deal with a third-party maintenance provider.

To learn more or to evaluate your support options, please give us a call.

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