The Most Pervasive Problems With Aging Storage

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Posted on Monday, July 23, 2018

Aging hardware is thought to be one of the CTO’s biggest headaches. In fact, some reports suggest that legacy hardware may be the reason that some organisations, like schools, see a significant drain on resources that prevents them from reaching their growth targets.

So what are the most pervasive problems with older storage, and what can you do to minimise these risks?

1. Support coverage

As storage arrays age, the cost of maintaining them increases, but much of this is because of the OEM’s practice of applying annual maintenance contract cost increases. Support contract cost increases of 20% year-over-year are not unheard of from an OEM. And that’s before all support is withdrawn when a device is designated end of service life (EoSL).

The only cost-effective solution is to move to a service owned and operated by an independent third party like CDS. Our services are not constrained by artificial EoSL dates, so we can offer effective support and maintenance for many years beyond the OEM’s EoSL dates. 

2. Spares

Once an OEM stops manufacturing a specific system, the production of official spare parts also stops. And over time, that inventory depletes, making it harder to find the spares you need.

CDS maintains a multi-million-dollar spare parts inventory, stored in warehouses around the globe for timely and efficient delivery to clients. We also ensure that we hold OEM-approved spares for every system used by our clients.

3. Performance and upgrades

Over time, your systems will begin to slow down. These effects can be delayed by upgrading legacy systems to add capacity or processing power.

But as with spares, these upgrades become rarer as systems are phased out by the OEM. Again, our extensive parts inventory means that we can help you carry out low-cost upgrades of existing systems, and avoid a costly, unnecessary OEM upgrade.

To learn more about how to get the most from your aging hardware without breaking the bank, please get in touch.

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